Requisition Forms

Please print out one of the requisition forms below and have it filled out by your physician.  If you are unable to print the form out, you can alternatively contact us at one of our locations and have the form emailed.  Physicians can also have a requisition mailed for your convenience.

GNMI PDF Requisitions

Ajax & Mississauga MRI & CT Scan Requisition


Mississauga Ultrasound Requisition



FHMI Forest Hill Toronto Requisition


St. Catharines & Welland Requisition





Hamilton & Stoney Creek Requisition



Stratford X-Ray & Ultrasound Requisition


Nuclear Medicine N. Falls Requisition


Eform Download Instructions


    • Click the Accuro Target in the bottom left corner
    • Then select Tools, Form Editor, & Publish/Download in the top left corner
    • Search the keyword ‘GNMI’ (it will be two forms uploaded by user QHR613)
    • Select the GNMI E-FORM and press the download button in the bottom right corner, then hit the SAVE ICON (floppy disk icon) in the top right corner


Step 1
    • Go to the E-FORM store at , and login / create account
    • Use the search feature at the bottom left and search GNMI
    • Under the action column on the right hand side, select the download button for the GNMI MRI/CT form & for the GNMI Ultrasound form
    • Click Save As and download to your desktop
Step 2
  • Login in to your Oscar EMR and select the action button on the top right
  • Under the E-Form section , select upload E-Form
  • Select Import E-Form, then browse and select the GNMI E-Form from your desktop or where you saved it and then select import
Video Instructions

E-Forms / Requisition Pad Request

Requisitions August 6, 2013