Toronto X-Ray & Ultrasound

FHMI Forest Hill Medical Imaging is a modern, state of the art radiology center geared towards advanced radiology services to the community. Through these high quality services including current digital imaging, subspecialty radiologist’s interpretations, well trained technologists, and a friendly staff, our mission is to meet the highest standards of patient care.

Our center offers fully digitized outpatient medical imaging services and is conveniently located in the midtown Toronto area. With digital imaging, our radiologists as well as referring physicians, are able to view images instantly which help to diagnose a patient instantly. This results in minimal patient wait times and rapid study results, which in turn, vastly improves patient care.


Services provided at FHMI Forest Hill Medical Imaging include:

  • X-Ray
  • General Ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

We perform x-ray and ultrasound on a walk-in basis and can easily accommodate urgent / STAT ultrasounds and X-rays. For additional information or questions please refer to the Patient Resources and FAQs sections or email us at

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